Civil Marriages & Blessings

Civil ceremonies can be held in the 18th Century, Cotswold Stone Threshing Barn for up to 120 guests. 

We provide the tables and chairs that are needed for the ceremony which are rustic, however, if you would prefer a different look, you are more than welcome to hire the furniture that would suit your style. You can decorate the barn as you wish with floral installations by your florist.

If you would prefer a ceremony outdoors, we offer Blessings on the lawn, in front of the Farmhouse for up to 250 guests. A canopy can be arranged for this option in bad weather.

We ask that you contact the Gloucestershire Registration Services to arrange your Registrar directly.

For further information, please call Golden Pineapple Hospitality on 07816 203766 or fill out the enquiry form below.